Food safety: Processing to BRC standards under safe working conditions

All of our products are processed under strict BRC standards. We’ve introduced and successfully completed the SGS social audit with our primary processors, ensuring safe working conditions. Together, North Atlantic Inc (NAI) and PT Bali Seafood International (BSI) have worked closely with major Indonesian wild-caught seafood processing partners to establish these standards as the new norm in the region.

Our three additional processing plants planned for the eastern archipelago will represent a critical link in our re-imagined supply chain. All are designed to meet strict standards for food safety and fair working conditions.

Which means you can continue accessing quality fish from Indonesia. It’s fish you can continue to feel confident in buying. Our supply chain, today and tomorrow, allows you to check all the important facts you need to assure your customers of the authenticity of the product you are selling. With each product, we commit to:

  • Certified chain of custody under MSC Chain of Custody standards
  • Processing to the highest food safety standards
  • (BRC)

  • Processing to the highest workplace safety standards
  • (WAES)

We know our customers want great fish they can feel good about in all respects. Our business is all about helping them capture that feeling — and the honest rewards that come with them.