Pay for Grade: A clear improvement over traditionally suspicious compensation practices

Common in the US, the Pay for Grade system pays premium prices to fishers based on the quality of their catch. Mature, larger fish that have been on ice from the moment of landing receive a higher grade and warrant a higher price for the fishers because they will command a higher price at market.

In an effort to capture the true value of the local catch,International PT Bali Seafood (BSI), subsidiary of North Atlantic Inc. (NAI), is introducing the Pay for Grade compensation system in the Indonesian archipelago. Tying price to quality will provide the necessary incentive to focus on cold chain improvements at the source. More importantly, the market-quality catch will generate higher incomes for the fishers.

Under the NAI-BSI initiative, fishers sell directly to us. We teach them about the grading system and how they can earn premium prices for their catch. Then we will pay within 24 hours based on the weight and quality of the fish.