Market access: Opening the door to markets half a world away.

Under the traditional method of doing business, because of the inefficiency of the supply chain, fishers in the remote villages of the Indonesian archipelago could often have trouble accessing a market just half a day’s drive away. By investing in the supply chain and introducing the Pay for Grade system, fishers will be rewarded for supplying higher quality fish. As a result, they’ll not only earn more for their fish in the domestic market; they also have access to the consistent and lucrative export markets.

That’s because North Atlantic Inc. (NAI), the parent company of PT Bali Seafood International (BSI), has a roster of prominent US food retail and food service companies as its primary customer base. And by virtue of BSI’s partnerships and initiatives in Indonesia, NAI has a reliable supply of its core species, as well as new and different species to process, freeze and ship to America. So everyone wins.