An addition to our new and different species portfolio, Opah has four types of flesh – each a different color and used for various purposes. The top loin, served mainly as sashimi, is light salmon orange or rose pink in color. It is sweet and lean with a texture similar to Tuna. The lower loin is higher in natural oil, with a higher fat content than salmon. The tender meat behind the backbone is orange, and the meat near the belly flesh pales to pink. All of the flesh of the Opah has a rich, creamy taste, firm fatty texture and turns white when cooked. Our Opah is sustainably caught using long line gear in the temperate waters of the Indian Ocean.

SOURCE: Indian Ocean
AVAILABLE CUTS: Steaks or Loins
PORTION SIZES: 6 – 8 oz. or 3 – 8 lbs.
PACK TYPE: IVP or 10 – 30 lb. Master Case
PRESENTATION: Skinless and Boneless