Also known as “dolphin fish”, Mahi-Mahi are surface feeders found in temperate, subtropical and tropical waters. Our Mahi-Mahi is sourced from the Indian and Pacific oceans where they are caught exclusively by hook and line. While this fish can weigh up to 50 pounds, the average commercial catch generally ranges from 5-10 pounds. Mahi-Mahi has lean pinkish flesh with a mild, sweet flavor and large moist flakes. The moderately firm texture of this fish make it perfect for grilling and fish tacos, a highly popular menu item.

SOURCE: Indian & Pacific Oceans
AVAILABLE CUTS: Portions, Taco Strips, or Sides
PORTION SIZES: 1 – 8 oz. / 1 – 3 lb.
PACK TYPE: IVP in 10 – 30 lb. Master Case
PRESENTATION: Skinless and Boneless