In early June, representatives from North Atlantic, Inc. will be attending the SeaWeb Seafood Summit, one of the world’s largest conferences on seafood sustainability. Hosted in Seattle, the event runs from June 5-7 and will convene hundreds of leaders and representatives from industry, international governments, academia, NGOs, and others in order to promote discussions among these groups that could foster innovative solutions to the issues facing the seafood sector. The mission of the Seafood Summit falls directly in line with the work North Atlantic is doing in seafood sustainability and social responsibility, so we wanted to give you a look into what we will be up to during the conference.

The Summit schedule is comprised of seminars and events encompassing 11 unique topics. Based on our priorities and current work, we’re looking forward to joining the conversations around illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing, fishery improvement projects, small-scale fisheries, traceability and transparency, seafood business/management, and seafood sustainability in Asia, as well as connecting with some of our industry and NGO partners.

Within these topics, there are a number of panels we will be keeping an eye on. “Using Markets to Broker Fisheries Reform in Asia” will be led by panelists including economist Antonius Gagern and fisheries expert Duncan Leadbitter, who have worked extensively in Southeast Asia, and will explore how global marketplaces can drive change in this geography. The session will aim to encourage proactive consultation with fishers that fosters community ownership over fisheries management and increased engagement from the sector as a whole, ultimately leading to greater social and environmental outcomes.

Featuring a diverse array of panelists, from Jack Kittinger of Conservation International to Mariaeleonora D’Andrea of the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization, the session entitled “Towards a Common Understanding of Social Sustainability in Seafood Supply Chains” promises forward-thinking conversations around how best to approach social responsibility in the context of seafood. Also hitting close to home is the panel, “The Business Case for Supporting Small Scale Fisheries,” featuring industry representatives, like Hy-Vee, as well as NGOs. This panel will look at how businesses and organizations are engaging with small-scale fisheries to drive positive environmental and social change, just as we are doing with our Indonesia initiative.

In addition to the various seminars and workshops, SeaWeb will be hosting the Awards Reception for Seafood Champions, a group of individuals and organizations being recognized for their work promoting seafood sustainability. There are 16 finalists in 4 categories, and we are proud that two of our partners are in the lineup: Mariah Boyle from our NGO partner FishWise, and Pelagic Data Systems, who we work with on traceability technology for our artisanal fleets in Indonesia.

As we gear up for the Summit, we’re excited to gather more insights into effective ways to tackle the challenges facing the seafood industry, as well as share our perspectives on innovative pathways to success, including our integrated fisheries management model and our recent commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This conference represents just one of the many ways we and the seafood industry as a whole are coming together for a shared vision of a sustainable future.

Stay tuned for updates after the Summit. For more information, be sure to check out the video below.