Bill Stride presented our progress on the community based fishery management project at the Publix sustainable seafood forum last week. Bill was the only seafood vendor representative asked to present, providing insight around responsible seafood supply chain development. The forum was held at Publix corporate headquarters in Lakeland, Florida.

Bill reviewed why we’re focusing on Indonesia, how we’ve approached responsible supply chain development, the end goal offour-pillars-slide_publix-presentation our integrated supply chain and evidence of community-based fishery management elsewhere in the world. Have a look at the full presentation: Publix sustainable seafood forum presentation.

The event was framed by Publix sustainability commitments and how the food retailer plans to develop its seafood supply chain going forward.

As stated on the Publix website, the company’s plan to build a more responsible seafood supply chain will occur over three phases:

  1. Research and collect sustainability data for every product sold in their fresh seafood department. This first phase was completed in 2010.
  2. Evaluate the results and prioritize species of concern. Their evaluation process examines three primary areas that impact sustainability: fishery management, stock status and environmental impact. These evaluations will help them decide whether to sell a product, help improve a fishery through an improvement project, or to discontinue selling a product until issues are resolved.
  3. Implement improvement projects and continuously measure their impact on identified species.

integrated-supply-chain-slide_publix-presentationPublix partnered with Sustainable Fishery Partnership (SFP), Ocean Trust and The Nature Conservancy to examine its seafood supply chain and develop a course to improvement. The company will broaden its ocean advocacy group partnerships with support for Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI). GSSI has developed a collective, non-competitive approach to provide clarity on seafood certification and ensure consumer confidence in certified seafood.

Major food retailers, like Publix, are taking note of our community-based fishery management program. It’s an opportunity to build a stronger supply chain. The integrated supply chain will ultimately deliver fully traceable seafood from artisanal fisheries in Indonesia.