Boots on the ground: A unique advantage

When you work with North Atlantic Inc. (NAI), you’ll soon see we’re unlike virtually any other frozen seafood supplier to the North American marketplace. We offer the advantage of experienced American executives leading operations at both our PT Bali Seafood International (BSI) subsidiary in Indonesia and at our US headquarters. Jerry Knecht, who founded NAI years ago and BSI in 2009, spearheads all sourcing operations and sustainability initiatives from our offices in Bali. Bill Stride, another seafood industry veteran, oversees all sales, marketing, logistics, and distribution functions stateside from the NAI offices in Portland, Maine. As a result, our customers benefit from important cultural insight and supply chain management from the source to the buyer. Our unique organizational structure — with “boots on the ground” at the source in South East Asia — creates accountability throughout the supply chain, delivering superior frozen wild-caught seafood to the US market.

Sustainability and social impact: Innovative model is changing the conversation

BSI is building a commercially sponsored fishery management model for small boat fisheries in Indonesia. It is supported by NAI’s proven track record in the US food retail and food service markets. The project takes an ecosystem approach to sustainability through a truly transparent traceability system in partnership with Pelagic Data Systems. We are also implementing positive social impact programs in the fisher communities, with the backing of our primary investor, Aavishkaar. Our unique incentive-driven model is changing the conversation about what fishery management can look like to achieve enduring gains in sustainability and lasting improvements in the livelihoods of fishers and their families — results that have proven to be elusive to date.

We will gauge success through the following three benchmarks:

The model represents a comprehensive approach to sustainability that we believe will change the way the world thinks about seafood sustainability initiatives.